A few years ago, I automate my social media . Here’s how I got 100,000+ views a week and why you shouldn’t do it…


If you scroll down, you can see many of the posts got 100-300 shares. unfortunately, I no longer have access to the analytics (I’ll explain soon).


How I did it:

1. Selenium: Takes a website’s feed and turns it into an RSS feed. Use subreddits and tags to create a niche.
2. RSS to Post: WordPress Plugin
3. Blog2Social: Posts to Social Media

So, what when wrong?

Cheap content led to cheap followers. Unsupervised automation resulted in a detachment between me and the audience and, ultimately, I received threats when I steered the page in a different direction.

The take-away:

It’s easy to get lost in the analytics (shares, views, follows). Ultimately, social media is about building meaningful connections.