I specialise in areas such as SEM, SEO, and social media management, and everything in between!

As the Marketing Coordinator for Tynan Motors, I was responsible for producing videos for their YouTube channel and commercials (played on the jumbo screens at NRL games). Thanks to our effective workflow, we were often the first to share content on new models, which in turn helped to boost our search engine rankings and increase visibility. The above video managed to reach 200,000 people.

I was able to introduce several initiatives that increased sales inquiries by 200% and automated various marketing functions, effectively reducing the workload whilst increasing ROI. Within 1 year, I increased Facebook likes by 451% and video views by 264%. eDM’s have shifted from monthly to weekly, with our average open rate increasing by 115%. Content was created once on our blog and automatically scheduled and distributed to our social media and email campaigns.

Data Driven 

If it’s not measured, it’s not managed. These are some of the tools to measure performance and optimise results.

More Innovations

  • Brand Specific – Created brand specific social media pages. People that purchased a Mercedes-Benz aren’t going to appreciate your Fiat Punto posts.
  • LiveChat – This by far had the biggest impact on producing sales leads. It quickly removed any barriers to making an inquiry.

Closing the Gap

The data doesn’t track if an online inquiry led to a sale. Thankfully, with a Comp Sci background, the solution was easy. I created a prototype that automatically emailed salesman with a list of website leads they’d received. Next to each lead they could click on either “sale”, “pending”, or “no sale”. Finally a report was produced that displayed the number of cars that had been sold and the campaign from which those leads were generated.